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I offer a series of 24 videos covering all aspects of mediumship and some aspects of psychic development. The videos together provide a detailed understanding of the theory underlying mediumship and are unique in their approach. All 24 videos are available as instant video downloads. I also offer two meditations available as both CDs and mp3 downloads. More information on me and all of my products is available from www.martintwycross.com

I also offer a comprehensive Course in Mediumship Study Programme which is based on the above videos and adds additional tutorials which explore the video content further. The home study programme comprises 4 separate modules and is is designed to offer a solid grounding in the theory and practice of mediumship. A certificate of completion is available and requires the purchase of Modules 1 to 3. Detailed information on the study programme is also available at www.martintwycross.com

I also offer a number of Online Courses and Classes. The classes from all previous online courses are recorded and remain available for sale.

What I Offer

In the video below, I run through what I offer to help those interested in developing and unfolding their mediumship. I talk about the products, study programme and courses that I offer under my Course in Mediumship Brand. I also discuss the free teachings I make available.

Also shown below is a table of the products I recommend for developing aspects of mediumship and development.

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