Meditation and Sitting for Spirit Online Course

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This course comprises 4 online classes in Zoom and the cost is a very reasonable £55 for the 4 classes.

The practice of meditation is a key part of developing mediumship, as well as all work with spirit. It is often neglected, but is essential if we are to unfold our full potential as mediums. This course will look at how different meditative practices benefit our mediumship and spirit work. In particular, we will take a deep dive into the classic meditation practice known as Sitting for Spirit (also called Sitting in the Power), which I believe to be the most beneficial for mediumship. Practical guidance will be offered to make meditation a regular practice. For those already practising, guidance will offered to enhance and deepen your practice.

Each class will comprise a lecture followed by a meditation exercise, rounded off by questions and answers. The meditations offered in the classes will also be provided as audio recordings. Students will be encouraged to practice meditation between classes to get the greatest benefit from the course.

This will be the first of 3 progressive online courses that I am running which will cover the foundations of mediumship. The courses are suitable for all levels from beginners to the more advanced.

All classes will be recorded and the recordings sent to all purchasers in case you are unable to attend in person and for you to watch again. There will also be a closed Facebook group for purchasers.

The dates of the classes are:

  • Sun 17th May 2020
  • Sun 14th June 2020
  • Sun 19th July 2020
  • Sun 16th August 2020

The classes will take place at:

  • 7pm UK
  • 8pm Europe
  • 2pm US Eastern Time (New York)
  • 1pm US Central (Chicago)
  • Noon US Mountain Time (Colorado)
  • 11am US Pacific Time (California)
  • 5am (Monday) Brisbane, Australia
  • 6am (Monday) Sydney, Australia

Be sure to sign up early as places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.