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Trance Healing

This video looks in detail at the theory and practice of trance healing and healing in the altered states.

The contents include: What is Healing - Flow & Model of Healing - What is Trance - Active & Passive States - Connecting to Spirit - Levels of Trance - What is Trance Healing - Trance Levels & Healing - Healing by Attunement - Healing Guides - Benefits - Who Can Develop It - Harry Edwards - Levels of Healing - Healing Spectrum - Going into Trance - Practicalities - Getting Physical Effects - Information on Patient’s Condition - FAQs

Video running time: 2 hrs 26 mins

Note: this video was recorded during a live class and includes audience interaction.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase and watch both the Spiritual Healing and Trance Mediumship videos before this one as it assumes that prior knowledge.

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