Trance Mediumship DVD

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Trance Mediumship DVD

This DVD covers the theory of trance mediumship in a comprehensive manner and provides guidance on how to sit to develop trance.

The contents include: What is Trance? - Purpose and Uses - Developing Trance - Active & Passive States - Connecting to Spirit - Guides & Helpers - Instrument Analogy - Trance Terminology - Altered States of Consciousness - Control States & Trance Depth - Bodily Changes - Signs of Trance - Development Goal - Sitting for Trance - Going Into Trance - Speaking in Trance - Coming Out of Trance - Safety Precautions - Avoiding Delusion - Is It Real? - Advice to Develop

DVD running time: 2 hrs 27 mins

Note: this DVD was recorded during a live class and includes audience interaction.

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Also available as a video download for £12