What I Offer


I have developed a series of 24 videos designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship. They cover all aspects of mediumship and can be bought individually as video downloads or as physical DVDs. The video downloads cost £11 each and the DVDs cost £14 each plus shipping.

The titles of the available videos are shown in the table below:

The titles of the available downloads are shown in the table below:


I also offer a comprehensive home study programme available as 4 modules. It is based on 20 of the above videos but goes into more depth on each topic. The study programme is designed for students to work through the theoretical foundations of mediumship in a structured way in their own time and at their own pace. The Modules and their classes are as follows:

The study programme is based on video downloads. Each module comprises 10 classes and includes 5 core videos plus 5 associated tutorials which explore the information in the core videos in more depth. The tutorials typically answer 20 to 30 questions about each core video and give suggestions to work with the material.

A certificate of completion is available for those who have completed modules 1 to 3 of the programme. The certificate is issued by my own teaching school the UK Academy of Mediumship. To gain the certificate, class notes will need to be submitted to demonstrate that you have watched the classes.

Each module costs £100 and this is for the supply of the 10 classes as video downloads. Modules 1 to 3 can be purchased together at a discounted price of £280. Discounts are available if you have already purchased any of the videos used in the Modules. For more information on the programme, please visit www.courseinmediumship.com

The core videos from each topic can also be provided as DVDs for an additional £15 per module plus shipping. The tutorials are not available as DVDs but are only supplied as video and audio downloads.


How Much More Material Does the Study Programme Offer?

If you were to buy all the core videos used in the programme, then you would have about 70% of the information. The tutorials go into more depth so add about 30% more information.

Should I Buy the Videos or the Study Programme?

The decision is yours and will depend on the topics you want to learn about and whether you want as much detail as possible, in which case the Study Programme is better. Also if you want certification, you will need to follow the Study Programme.

I don’t have a PC/Mac or good internet connection. Should I buy the Study Programme?

You may be better off buying the physical DVDs as you will need a PC or Mac and a good internet connection to download and watch the classes from the Study Programme. Each class is typically 800MB to 1GB in size and there are 10 classes per module.

Can I Buy Individual Classes and Tutorials from the Study Programme?

The core videos used in the study programme can be purchased individually but the tutorials are not available individually. You will need to buy the relevant Module to have access to the tutorials from that Module.